At first, I thought that I don’t have stories behind my tattoos. That there is nothing to tell. But when I really started to think about it I realised that there were actually quite many things I that could tell about my tattoos. My first tattoo ever is a rose on my shoulder. I have … Continue reading Annastiina



One Journey, One Destiny on my neck, this is a picture dedicated to one person. To a woman whom I got to know around six or five years ago. I thought she was heterosexual, she was engaged to a man. It turned out that we both were interested in each other, so one day I … Continue reading Mimma


I'm Laura, born in the summer of 1990, nowadays working as a bartender in Oulu. I have 9 tattoos. My first tattoo I took at the age of 17 when I persuaded my parents to give permission for my first picture. My dad had 40 year birthday back then and we went to get tattoos … Continue reading Laura


Hi, I’m Johanna hairdresser from Ylöjärvi. When I was 6 years old I knew already I’d like to have a tattoo. Back then it would have been a weight scales that would hold a kitten in one cup and in another, Bible. Well, I still don’t have this tattoo, but some others. I took the … Continue reading Johanna


I have an infinity-themed friend tattoo with my best friends named Kassu and Lappu. We think friendship is eternal and hopefully, and I believe so, we will remain as friends forever. The idea of getting tattoos together is based on the time before when loved ones took tattoos so they could find each other again … Continue reading Samuel


I'm Elina 22 years old from Rovaniemi! I study a cosmetologist by profession, the previous profession I’m a surface treater (a painter). I'm interested in make-up and the goal is to move to the Helsinki to study theatrical make-up. I have tattoos that are important and tattoos that have no major significance. I currently own … Continue reading Elina


I am Ella from Oulu. I study the first year of the barber-hairdresser. I’m dreaming of to have my own hair salon and a detached house. I have five tattoos. The first tattoo I took when I turned to 18 years old, the Remember who you are – text. This tattoo is really personal for me. … Continue reading Ella