Hi, I’m Johanna hairdresser from Ylöjärvi.

When I was 6 years old I knew already I’d like to have a tattoo. Back then it would have been a weight scales that would hold a kitten in one cup and in another, Bible. Well, I still don’t have this tattoo, but some others.

I took the first tattoo at the age of 15. it’s tribal in my lower back. My first 4-5 tattoos I tried to think carefully before taking them so like everyone else told me, I wouldn’t regret them when I’m old.


Work by Tommi Pdc

I don’t regret anything, there are many more tattoos that I haven’t thought so much when I took them, if I like the picture, I tattoo it. And as for the thing how I look when I’m old and wrinkly, I wouldn’t imagine myself tossing high fives to myself because I didn’t take any tattoos. I prefer to live for this moment than old age. I think my tattoos will be the last sorrow in my head in the midst of all my osteoporosis, dementia and joint pain.



The tattoos that I most carefully considered are on my face, or the first of them, the rest came then by itself. For my mother, I promised that there would be no more tattoos on my face, but at least I have more space on rest of my body.




The pain is the only limit, because the more age comes, the more it hurts. So maybe I should have started at the age of six, to get more of the pretty, inked skin.

Bless you!






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