I got my first tattoo when I was 21. It was a small bear walking on my left arm but it has been covered with another tattoo since then. Nowadays I have a full back piece with a much bigger bear on it. I have taken all my tattoos at quite a fast pace but I don’t regret them. As a teacher I find it important that I don’t have tattoos on places that are too visible – I want to be able to hide all of them if it is necessary. Sometimes the students try to use them as a decoy in order not to do what they are supposed and try to chat with me about my tattoos.


Most of my tattoos have no story behind them. Even if there is some kind of story to tell, it usually holds no deeper meaning to me. For example, on my left arm, I have a beetle. If I am asked why I have such a nasty thing on my hand, I usually say it is a reference to Franz Kafka’s novella The Metapmorphosis in which the main character turns into a monstrous vermin. For me, the beetle is monstrous enough. I also have other insects inked on my skin. Sometimes I think that because of them I am not as afraid of insects as I used to be but probably it is because I live in the city centre where you hardly get to see any of them. I still freak out when I go to the country side.

I have a rowan branch on my arm since I spent my childhood living in an alley that was named after rowans. I enjoy living an urban life yet I love getting tattoos that are related to nature. Some studies say that taking a short walk, even just for 15 minutes, can lower your stress levels. Optimistically I think having rowan and pine branches is close enough… Sometimes I wish I lived in another city where there would be beautiful nature close by, just like Kauppi in Tampere. I haven’t really been able to find anything like that in my hometown.

I am quite clumsy and careless so I am wearing elbow and knee pads – or so I like to think. I have had both my elbows and knees tattooed, although the chrysanthemum on my other knee is a work in progress. I know they won’t heal to be as pretty as they were if I was to fall on them at some point, but I am hoping that having them covered will protect me a bit. As if.

I really liked the idea of getting a candle that’s burning at both ends. It held no deeper meaning to me at first but some of my friends thought that it’s actually me. I have been working all the time while studying at the uni which has led me not to graduate on time. At some point, I have even worked two part time jobs and as a substitute teacher at the same time. It’s not really something I would recommend to anyone. I am not good at saying no and I also really love scheduling my calendar. Too often I realise that I haven’t saved any time for relaxing and just resting. The tattoo is supposed to be a reminder now.


Text tattoos aren’t really something that I would like to have on my skin. I have made one exception: mom tattoo. It’s also one of the tattoos that have an obvious meaning. It has a needle on it since she has always been sewing and knitting clothes for me. It was a long-time dream of hers to make me a dress to vanhojentanssit, which is a ball for the second graders at Finnish upper secondary schools. I only went there to make her happy. Now she is knitting me a sweater for the winter so I can’t complain. I really love her. When I showed her the tattoo she thanked me and asked me not to get any more tattoos for her. At some point, I would like to get something for my dad as well although I know he might not appreciate it either.


Äiti (Mom) – tattoo

It’s not hard to tell that I am a big Moomin fan. I have two Moomin tattoos and the portrait of Tove Jansson on my skin. I have watched all of the Moomin episodes numerous times. I can even tell you the synopsis of almost every episode if you just give me a hint of which episode you want to hear about. When I was a child the Moomin comics were my favourites. They are something one would never get tired of and it is the same for Tove Jansson’s books for me these days.


Tove Jansson

Mainly my tattoos are just a collection of things that I like. I take them for myself. If someone wants to hear stories behind them, I can just make something up if I feel like it.



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